As you know, Caliburn G kit is the updated version of Caliburn, and will continue its high performance Caliburn kit!


Take a tie or press the button uwell amulet replacement vape two ways to begin your experience of the vaporizer.

Quickly press the shutter button 5 times to turn on / off, safe and reliable.

sheath and detachable coil rechargeable use.4 profitable. Top filling, fast and convenient.

Uwell Caliburn KOKO taste test of Pro-FOCS Well vaporizer gives you the unique experience.

The chip has multiple protection functions of the circuit stable power supply, safe and reliable operation.

It looks simple but elegant and ergonomic for comfortable grip.


Completing the nacelle

to. Place the spool to the gondola.

second. Install the module in the body.

Remove vs. drip edge.

re. Complete the e-liquid.

me. Put the back drip tip.

Well Caliburn G


to. A installing a coil, please make sure the coil withlocating slit in the nacelle is aligned.

second. When e-liquid molten, please fill in the hole adventure. Dripthe not e-liquid in the central hole.

vs not let the tip drip off for an extended period. Thedrip install they advanced with safety after launch to prevent leakage.

re. When a new coil is used and then filling the car, please let stand for 10 minutes thepod to avoid Buming coil.

me. Please add e-liquid when the level of e-liquid is in the "seven e-liquid 40pg 60vge .

On off

Quickly, click the shutter button 5 times in 2 seconds to turn on / offthe unit, the LED flashes 3 times in green.


When the device is turned on, take a draw or press the button tovape shooting light stays on.  IJOY Mystique Replacement The stopfiring device automatically when you hold down the button for more than 8 seconds, then blinks green theLED 5 once.

Changing the sheath "

to. Remove the sheath from the camera. Install a new module .

second. After filling a new pod, please let stand the module to prevent burning of the coil 10 minutesto.


to. A module for installing the device, if the air inlet podand air inlet unit are close to each other to the small vape pulmonary airflowis direct propitious.

second. During installation of the module in the apparatus, the air inlet device podand inlet air are far between, theairflow is adapted for lung vape mouth.

Well Caliburn G


During vaping, the light is green battery life is more than 60% .Blue DIROCK KK Mini Replacement

 light means the battery life is between 30% and 60%, and the average life red battery light is less than 30%. When the red light flashes10 time in a row, power is too low, the system automatically stops sheath.

Short circuit protection

When a short circuit occurs, press the shutter button, the LED flashred 3 times to indicate a short circuit and stop output.

low power indication

When the device is in low battery LED flashes red timesto the 10 indicate that the battery is low and stop production.

Weather Protection

After 8 seconds vaping, clear light green 5 times to indicate that the waiting and delay output stops automatically.

open circuit indication

When an open circuit in the nacelle or terminal connected to the body, the LED flashes 3 times blue and stop delivering power.


A charging machine C with a load-cable, the indicator light flashes slowly to indicate that the product is being loaded. Flashes red to indicate the low battery flashes blue to indicate the average power, blinks green to indicate power enough and stays light load in the final green flag.

Well Caliburn G Kit

Therefore, the introduction are all here, if you want to know more  VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Modor coupons many Caliburn G, visit And Sourcemore will be a gift for Caliburn G, stay tuned!

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