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The Pros and Cons of the Relx Phantom Kit and the Rlvi E-Liquid Extender

Relx Phantom Vaporizer is a new release by Relx Company. It was released in the market on 6th April, 2021 and was given the green signal by FDA on the 6th August, 2021. The company claims that the vapor produced is completely natural with no chemicals or toxins. It uses the latest in technology and combines it with the finest wood vinegar. The result is an amazing product.

relx phantom kit


The taste of relx phantom is just right. The taste tasted for me was Strawberry Frozen Yogurt (15 flavors available for selecting). It is smooth, tangy, sweet and delicious, consistent vaporizing experience from the first breath to the last. It is impressive and remarkable among many other pod vapes, just you cannot stop vaporing it for its wonderful taste.


The biggest downside to relx phantom is accidentally overdosing. If you are using a very large sized tank like a 20 oz or more then it is highly possible that you will over overdose and suffer from dizziness or weakness. If you do overdraw once then it will be a lot easier to stop since the withdrawal symptoms are mild. The reason why this is the biggest downside is because people keep buying it without realizing that they have overcharged their batteries and they will be faced with a world of problems such as blackouts and heart attacks.


The second biggest drawback is that it is not portable enough to be taken anywhere. It can only be used at home or in a vehicle. The vapor it produces is very thick and requires a lot of room to be able to breathe properly. You cannot even carry it around if you have to go somewhere. You can however bring the relx phantom wherever you go since it comes in a compact size which makes it very convenient and lightweight.


The third biggest drawback to the relx phantom pod system kit is the price. This product retails at about thirty dollars which is really expensive especially for an electronic product. However, this could be a big sacrifice for a first time user since it may be too costly and difficult to understand for someone who is brand new to e-liquid.


The fourth downside to this product is that it does not provide any warranty. If there was a warranty on it then it would almost be okay since it is very durable and efficient. Unfortunately, it does not have any type of protection when compared to other starter kits in the market.


The last major disadvantage to this product is the cost. It costs so much especially for a first time user who is looking to upgrade his electronic equipment. On the other hand, a relx phantom pod system kit compatible vaporizer is very affordable. It costs only about fifty dollars which is much less than the cost of a good e-liquid system.


In conclusion, the biggest downside to this product is the price. It is more expensive than an ordinary vaporizer which makes it hard to buy. Nonetheless, it provides a good quality and a reliable system. The vapor it produces is also very thick and rich which gives a delicious and wonderful flavor of vapor. There are a lot of advantages when using this but an important disadvantage is that it has no protection against overusing. This may put you at risk if you accidentally overdosing with your e-liquid.


In fact, most users recommend using a relx phantom podcigarette starter kit instead. A pod Vaporizer is basically a compact sized heater that heats up your water and extracts your vapor into an e-liquid medium. It is easier to use than a normal vaporizer because it is less complicated and more convenient to use. It is also cheaper than a typical vaporizer due to its miniature size. Compared to a starter kit that is intended to produce a steady stream of vapor, the Rlvi is a better choice because you can use it anytime. However, this disadvantage also applies to the type-c usb type-b because it only produces a small amount of vapor.


Another disadvantage is the lack of protection from overusing. Although this unit will protect you against overheating and inconsistent vapor production, it does not have any protection against drips. This means that you are susceptible to having your first puff disappear just as quickly. This is why most users prefer to use the Rlvi instead of a relx due to the lack of consistent smoking experience. You will not have to worry about getting your money back in case you did not like the product’s performance.


The pros are too numerous to mention. When used properly, the Rlvi and the other types of vaporizers can produce steady streams of powerful e-liquid. With consistent use, you can expect to start seeing results within a few days. For example, a lot of users say that they are now able to smoke over one hundred cigarettes without experiencing any adverse side effects. There are even some users who say that they are completely tobacco free.

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Ijoy Juice – Unique Colorway and Advanced User Interface

The ijoy vaporizer is an electronic vaporizer that has become extremely popular in the United States. While it may be small, there is more than enough power to blow your mind away with its awesome flavor combinations. It can produce various flavors like mint, carrot, grape, and much more!

ijoy vape


When you get an ijoy vaporizer, you are getting two pieces of innovation and quality. One is the ijoy shogun, a powerful mod that will deliver flavorful vapor every time. With a three minute heat-up time, it is super easy to get ready for your day or evening of work, and then you can chill out with your favorite juice blend while you relax. You can even set the temperature and vary your flavor options from very subtle to extremely spicy.


The second thing you can do with the ijoy Shanka is pod mode, which is perfect for when you want to make a super concentrated blend without fussing over a lot of vaporizing time. With the ijoy 180w TC box mod, you can make up to three flavors at once by simply putting in a pod. Just a press of a button, and you have a perfectly prepared delicious e juice. The ijoy Shanka also includes an ijoy refill kit, so you always have an opportunity to try new flavors and see if you like them before you put them in your vaporizer. All of this, for a price of less than $100!


The third unique aspect about the ijoy Vaporizers and ijoy 180w box mod is that you can personalize them by changing out any or all of the three photos that are included in the package. Each photo is of a real person, and depicts their normal facial expression, hand gestures, and body language. The packaging also includes a short description about the photographer (which is also printed on the photo itself), and a background graphic of what the photographs look like. ijoy has an official Facebook page where you can upload photos of yourself while using their products, and there are even ijoy promo kits available that include personalizing photos for free! The nature of manufacturing, design, and unique resin elements, each photo is for reference only.


At first blush, the ijoy vape and ijoy 180w box mod might seem very similar. Both of them use high-quality silicone, which is an extremely durable material that won’t deform or break when frequently used. The outer shell of the product is made out of a flexible but sturdy material, and has holes in all the right places to allow for the wires to pass through and not get stuck. The two high-quality silicone bands that make up the entire unit are covered in a very soft plush material. On the outside of the unit, you’ll see the standard ijoy Vape logo and a clear window displaying the information you need. The inside of the box is much like the outside, and features two separate chambers that house the dual high-amps and two standard AAs.


The physical similarities between the ijoy vape and ijoy 180w box mod might be enough to attract consumers, but it’s the unique colorway and advanced user interface that make these two products so popular with the vapers’ community. Despite their similar exterior appearance, the ijoy vaping offers a much more advanced technology that incorporates the best of three technologies – a lithium ion battery, and a powerful quartz crystal rechargeable batter. The rechargeable batter is what gives it the ability to offer advanced battery life, long lasting vapor production, and intuitive firing button clicks. By incorporating the premium ijoy Vapor DNA in the body of the product, ijoy Juice offers users the ability to combine their e-juice in one convenient container.


In addition to its powerful quartz crystal rechargeable batter, the ijoy Vapor DNA also features ijoy Juice Space, which is comprised of a responsive rubbery material that offers an extremely comfortable fit for most lips. At the bottom of the unit, you’ll discover a unique double side button and a stainless steel black back plate. Beneath the button, you’ll discover a unique rechargeable o-ring, and beneath the black back plate you’ll discover ijoy Vape Port, which allows you to easily connect your portable device to your computer with the use of a USB cable. Although the majority of models feature a standard electrical port, the ijoy Vape Port allows you to use your electronic device – including your laptop – via a Bluetooth device.


A unique colorway and advanced user interface give the ijoy 180w a distinct advantage over other similar products on the market today. The ijoy Juice has a sleek design that not only provides a stunning look, but also incorporates ergonomic elements that make the device easy to hold and use for extended periods of time. The ijoy 180W comes standard with four standard ijoy Vapor DNA atomizer heads, but can also be customized with one of a selection of five additional heads (preferably ones that are different in performance and power) that have been engineered especially for the ijoy Juice by utilizing stainless steel spring loaded pins and heat sensitive nickel contacts. All of the heads are compatible with the ijoy exclusive ijoy atomizer resistance range, and all include an astounding two hundred and twenty seven temperature setting range which is extremely comfortable for even the most discriminating user. The ijoy Juice also includes a built in digital LED display which includes real time stats such as wattage and temperature.

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Vaporizers Like No Other

If you’re looking for a quality portable Vaporizer then you should look at the ijoy vaporizers range. The ijoy shogun is one of the best ijoy vaporizers on the market. This mod is the ultimate in all things vapour friendly. It’s a revolutionary product which combines style and ease of use in a vaporizer. The ijoy shogun vaporizer retails for about $150 and is truly one of the best Vaporizers on the market.

ijoy vape


The ijoy shogun is a uni-ball mod. It consists of two compact sized spheres that sit atop an outer shell. The inner tank of the ijoy shogun holds a bottle style modulube that will give you an amazing vapour experience.


One of the best selling points of the ijoy 180w Mod is that it features a patented dual pulse technology. This is where the inner tank and outer shell are made of a special magnet material which allows the inner liquid to be evenly dispersed through the inner tank. This is because they allow for an increased amount of vapor to be produced per hit. They also give you increased atomizer resistance range and a very smooth delivery system.


The ijoy vaporizer features a patented dual eighteen650 lithium ion rechargeable battery and a high purity enclosed ceramic cartridge. The outer tank is constructed of high quality borosilicate glass. The inner tank is made out of high purity silica gel. The resins used are tested and certified for their pureness and potency, and therefore guarantees consistent and reliable service.


The ijoy vaporizer is powered by two high-amps rechargeable batteries – not one and not two. The shogun univ 180w box mod features a unique two-step power technology. The first step is to lock the voltage to an extremely low wattage output. This ensures that you enjoy very consistent power until your coil gets hot and woks, which typically takes around 2 hours. Following this, the second step of the power scheme is to increase the voltage to your desired wattage output, again, normally taking around 2 hours to do so.


The ijoy Vape offers two temperature modes, low and medium. The low setting offers a delicious cold blast of flavour from your herb and spice blends. The medium temperature offers a smooth and rich flavor that will keep you satisfied for as long as you like. The Pod mode allows you to use a pre-determined temperature and also allows you to manually control your ijoy vaporizer’s power.


The ijoy Vaporizer is equipped with a unique electronic control screen that allows you to easily change the heat settings, flavour combinations and even activate or deactivate the heating element. It features two high-quality ceramic heat-switches, two high-quality ceramic touch pads, a durable stainless steel carrying case and a backlit keypad. In addition, the ijoy Vape features a unique four-year limited warranty, built-in safety lock, safety cutout, and a high-tech user interface.


The shogun univ chipset is made from a durable rubber material. The chipset is designed to be user friendly for even beginners, with simple button controls. It features two high-quality ceramic heat-switches and dual high-amp 18650 batteries which provide ijoy Vaporizers with a full and powerful wattage output range. The ijoy Volcano delivers extreme heat-soaked herbal vapours in a unique resin medium, transforming ordinary herbs into a luxurious experience. The Volcano also incorporates two USB ports for charging and one outlet for an iPod connection, so you can enjoy your vaporizer both while relaxing at home and out on the road. The ijoy Volcano is designed for an extended multimedia experience, using your imagination to create new combinations.

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The IJoy Vaporizer – Overview

If you’re looking for a top-quality electronic device that’s affordable, you might want to consider the iJoy Vaporizer. The iJoy is one of the most popular vaporizers available. Most vapers appreciate the built-in battery, but what really makes it stand out is the iJoy’s powerful heat-seeking heating mechanism. Squonkers love ijoy vaporizers and so do we–at Breazy, we recommend a vaporizer from this company: the iJoy AEGIS Boost Pod Mod. Here are a few reasons why this mod is a must-have for your arsenal of vaporizers.

ijoy vape


ijoy vapes offer two methods of temperature control, dial and digital. The AEGIS Boost uses a digital temperature knob, which is easy to use, just touch a button five times, which changes the warm temperature for your tank from hot to cold. The ijoy vape Cloud Channel mod offers a dial, which allows you to change the intensity of vapor production, also five times per click. With these two temperature control options, you can’t go wrong. ijoy vaporizer starter kits even include a glass mouthpiece that allows you to enjoy smooth vapor even as you breathe in fresh air.


Another cool feature of the iJoy is its unique three-level temperature control. The iJoy features a stainless steel counterweight, sturdy build quality, a leak-proof cap, an o-ring for airflow, and a two-level temperature dial. Each of these levels can be customized to your liking with the iJoy Pro configurator software, which comes included with your purchase. This software configures the vapor production coils, digital controls, and heater to give you the exact amount of vapor and heat each time you top fill the tank.


The tank features a large feeder hole located on the bottom, large enough to accommodate two standard size pods. iJoy has a unique feeder system called the Juice Pod system, which allows you to conveniently refill your iJoy with fresh or juice. The ijoy’s large feeding hole makes it easy to create a new flavor experience by replacing an old pod. The patented Juice Pod technology allows you to replace a pod without replacing the entire tank. Just add a new pod and start enjoying your flavorful treats.


There are two types of ijoy vaporizers available. The iJoy Eco Kit is perfect for beginning vapers, as it has a very low wattage tank. You get a single pre-filled, pre-cooled, standard sized tank with a built-in digital display. The other type of ijoy is the ijoy Total Experience, which has a larger tank and a large LCD screen. The larger tank has a higher wattage tank and comes with a unique airflow control dial, which allows you to customize your clouds.


The ijoy ecotrete also has a unique tank design that allows you to change out the coils in the event that you would prefer a different flavor. There is a large single or dual coil tank available for this product. The majority of models have an adjustable airflow dial, which allows you to increase or decrease the amount of air flowing through your coils.


The ijoy vaporizer offers two ways to use. You can either use the traditional analog fire button or the new infrared fire button. With the infrared fire button, you can easily change the temperature control settings from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be no matter the time of day! The fire button is small and very convenient, as well as being able to be used as a keychain remote.


If you love your coffee, but would like it to be stronger, the ijoy vaporizer makes it possible. The ijoy Vapors will quench your desire in a unique and powerful way. These devices also make it possible to get your daily dose of coffee, without the mess or trouble of grinding your own beans. There is also a large selection of ijoy starter kits, available for purchase individually or as part of a combo package. You will have to choose a kit that best suits your needs and your taste.


The GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pod Mod – A Great Mod For All Vaporizers

aegis boost pod mod

The aegis boost Pod Mod is a new electronic device that provides a means of vaporizing your e-juice. The device is a plug and play electronic vaporizer that is easy to operate. It is a unique product in the sense that it combines a pod mechanism with a preloaded e-juice that allows you to get a hit of your favorite flavor without worrying about a messy or lengthy vaporizing time. The aegis boost pod mod also has a built in stainless steel mouthpiece for an extra added touch. With this electronic vaporizer you have a way of enjoying your vapor products with a more electronic, smooth and convenient way.


This vaporizer from Geekvape comes with a unique twist. The aegis boost pod mod comes in a two piece unit that is designed to use with the included rechargeable silicone battery that can be replaced over. The silicone battery can be replaced by any compatible battery, and the entire unit is designed to work on a 6 V or higher power source. The silicone battery allows the aegis boost to maintain a constant stream of vapor until it is manually switched off. The silicone also allows for a firm, stable base for a better e-juice flavor.


The aegis boost comes with a new technology called the “battery check”. The aegis boost pro even allows for a five-minute pre-charged battery check period if desired. This allows the aegis boost to maintain a steady stream of flavorful vapor instead of changing flavors as the battery levels drop. The aegis boost uses a very unique technology called the “battery check” where the internal battery only is charged when the internal battery detects a low level of vapor and does not charge the battery until the internal battery reaches a certain pre-charged state.


The aegis boost pod mod is also compatible with the included microprocessor chip. This allows the aegis boost to automatically detect when the battery is full and then not charge the battery again. This helps the aegis boost run for a longer amount of time, which allows the user to keep using the product without having to constantly charge the product. The microprocessor chip regulates the flow of power through the device and monitors the temperature of the air chamber to ensure proper temperatures are maintained while using the product. The device also allows for a safe mode, in which the computer will switch over to a lower speed settings to prevent overheating the processor and memory chip.


The GeekVape AEGIS series aegis boost does not have a preinstalled microprocessor, but it is instead soldered directly into the motherboard. Because this aegis series device does not have a preinstalled microprocessor the chips from the outside need to be loaded into the system through a USB port. Once the chips are loaded the processor can be monitored and adjusted as needed. The processor on the AEGis Boost Pod mod is adjusted through a series of six levels. This keeps the output power from being overwhelmed.


The aegis vaporizer has a very unique “turbo-twist” control that allows the user to add a powerful punch of vapor through an extremely fast rotation. The aegis boost produces a powerful stream of vapor that is not too thick nor too thin. The vandy juices produced by the aegis boost give a delicious, intense flavor that is not too sweet nor not very complex.


When the aegis boost pod mod is used with the vandy vaper flavors the temperature of the vaporizer is very precise. These vaporizers produce a precise amount of vapor that is rich in flavor. This is highly efficient and effective means of creating a flavorful product that people will enjoy. When the aegis boost is used on the vandy vapes the individual flavors are enhanced and produced in a way that makes it a unique product.


Many people have found these vaporizers to be a great addition to their own collection of vapes. These are a cool item that is incredibly easy to use and maintain. The Geekvape AEGIS boost produces a powerful flavorful product that many people find enjoyable. These are a great item to have in any collection of vaporizers.

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Vaporizers With the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod

A new product from VandyVape which is designed to increase the functioning of a digital electronic device is the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod. This is a digital electronic product that is very similar to the popular VandyVape Vapor Juice Pod Mod. It is a vapor producing device that is said to be a superior vaporizer because of its ability to produce a better taste while increasing the efficiency at which it heats the liquid. Some have compared the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod and the Vapor Cube to the latter’s smaller brother the vapor cube. Both of these products are known to produce excellent results when it comes to increasing a user’s vapor production.

aegis boost pod mod


Like its smaller brother the AEGIS Boost Pod, the Jackaroo also features an internal battery but this time it is rechargeable. The company says that the internal battery will only last for six hours but this will not be a problem for long term use because the device will remain turned on during extended use. The internal AEGIS Boost Pod Mod also features a variable voltage output that will regulate the power needed by the unit. This variable voltage ensures that each individual unit can be provided with a different amount of power.


Unlike the Vapor Cube and AEGIS Boost Pod Mod, the vandy vapes aegis boost does not feature a digital screen. Instead, it has a dial that can be used to switch between various vaporizing modes. The user can set a mode that will best suit his or her needs. This means that the user must know what he or she wants the vandy vaporizer to do for them.


When it comes to the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod, many users will tell you that the device is a great deal because of its ability to provide a steady stream of wattage. However, they also tell you that it can get a bit complicated when trying to figure out how much power is really being produced. Many a times, the unit will tell the owner that he or she is using up too much battery life. This can be a big problem because the owner will have no idea whether the battery is really going to last for a long enough period of time. The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod solves this problem by allowing the user to increase or decrease the wattage as he or she wishes without having to constantly re-adjust the voltage.


While many vaporizers in the market today feature digital displays, the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod goes the extra mile. The vaped product has a digital display that shows the current output power as well as the remaining lifespan of the batter. This makes it a lot easier for a newbie to use the unit. If the battery is beginning to show signs of dying out, the user can simply turn down the output power until the gauge returns to a balanced reading. The geekvape aegis series also has a temperature detector that allows the user to set a specific temp limit that allows the unit to only run at that temp, thus extending the battery’s life even more.


The internal structure of the aegis boost pod mod is what sets it apart from most other similar products on the market. The build quality of the device is impressive in its own right. Users have reported that they are able to easily take the device out of the box and have it functioning in a matter of moments. The silicone build quality that the company uses for their products allows them to provide a very sturdy device with excellent resistance to wear and tear.


Another unique aspect of the aegis boost pod mod is the fact that the silicone it utilizes has a very firm feel to it. This provides a comfortable grip for a vaper and allows for a good amount of control over the airflow on the unit. When a person has a hard time getting a pen to cool down on their finger, this is a god send. Papers should have no problem using the vaporizers without a lot of struggle. Aesthetically, the silicone provides a sleek and stylish design that compliments any color system that a vaper might have.


One thing that a lot of people have had a problem with is the inability to manually increase the wattage of their heater. With the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod, this becomes a much easier task. With a variable airflow dial, you are able to increase the temperature of your coil either quickly or manually. If you are a constant vaper, this is a great feature to have and will allow you to keep your heater at a constant temperature.


We shall certainly figure out in this vape review

Having examined the Jellybox 228W a number of months earlier, I am more than happy to have a look at its little sibling, the Jellybox 80W Mini. I loved the 228W which was not just excellent value but a decent double battery mod for that need the greater electrical power that it supplies. The 80W satisfies a lot of my demands. Generally in my RTAs, I vape around 55-60 watts, so with a 21700 battery, I expected the Jellybox Mini to match me nicely. So will the smaller see-thru variation impress me as much?

Speaking of which, a bit like the dimension of the Rincoe JellyBox Mini, this vape evaluation will be shrunk down a little too …
That’s not a case of ‘I can’t be troubled’– even more the only difference is the size. Exact same container– exact same coils– very same menu choices etc etc
. Rincoe has a good track record as a vape business with a couple of that that has actually definitely caused a buzz worldwide of vaping.
The Rincoe Mechman X Mesh and also Nano RDA kit occur as does the flavourful Neso X shuck package.

What Can We Get Out Of the Rincoe JellyBox Mini Vape Package?
The same high-quality development, flavor as well as clouds as from the Rincoe Jellybox 220w kit is the short answer!
Except smaller sized in size … sort of lol.
It’s the same on the top– the Rincoe JellyTank, and also the same coils as its bigger sibling– the Rincoe JellyBox 220w kit …

The chip and food selection are the same and also without being too obvious lol– this one just hits 80w– the consisted of coils don’t go that high, nonetheless the RBA head from the Rincoe Manto max does.
The LED lights remain as well as such as the food selection you can change the colors must you so desire.
One vital thing is the Rincoe JellyBox Mini is a single battery device that can take either a 18650, 21700, or 20700 battery– constantly excellent to see.
So, when all’s stated and also done, it’s a case of ‘does size matter?’ and how much power do you desire?
OK, the Rincoe JellyBox Mini vape kit was sent straight from Rincoe– thanks — and also as always my ideas and point of view are not guided by giveaways.

Rincoe Jellybox Mini 80W Set features transparent PC covers and zinc alloy frame which make it emphasizing for an aesthetically magnificent aesthetic. It looks actually durable seeing the internals as well as battery wraps. Last but not least, It has 6 LED lights match with screen UI color, to shine through right into the complete transparent tools! And Also Rincoe Jellybox 228W Box Kit includes a Jellybox 228W Mod and also a Jellytank Atomizer. as well as made from Zinc alloy & premium COMPUTER. Jellytank Atomizer can hold a capability of 4.8 ml and comes with a meshed 0.3 Ω coil inside. Deal 6 LED lights and also radiate, if you do not utilize they will have the ability to shut.

The Rincoe JellyBox Mini comes with a 0.96-inch color screen, so all your operations, including electrical power modification as well as temperature level variation, can be conveniently as well as clearly shown on it. Jelly box Mini box mod is power by solitary 21700/20700/18650 battery with max 80W outcome. Jelly box mini can sustain VW/ TC (Ni200/Ti/SS) settings to satisfy various needs. Jellytank keeps 4.8 ml capability with a lower loading style. And Jellytank holds 0.15 ohm/0.3-ohm mesh coils for the thick cloud. The Type-C charging of JellyBox Mini offers a quick 2A cost. The included Jellytank comes with 4.8 ml juice ability and exchangeable fit-together coils. The Jellytank takes on the bottom refill design.

And Rincoe Jellybox mod has a remarkable 228W optimum outcome; a proprietary smart chipset is set up inside; an extensive temperature level control suite, as well as a resistance series of 0.05-5.0 ohm. It can utilize a range of wire components to create an excellent vaping system, It can perfectly match with different atomizers, containers, and RDA. Accessibility to the battery compartment from the bottom, there is a hinged moving cover constructed from steel. The control panel is concentrated on the front end. The activation switch is big. At the top 510 ports, an atomizer with a diameter of no greater than 26mm can accommodate without hanging. Rincoe Jellybox box mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries with max 228W outcome. Jelly box mod can support VW/ TC (Ni200/Ti/SS) modes to fulfill various needs.

I was pleased to see that the Jellybox 80W had the 3 battery alternatives, 18650, 20700 or 21700. My choice would always be the 21700 for more power and also longer battery life, this will quickly handle my 60 watt tanks, yet having the alternative to utilize other batteries is always welcome.
The included 18650 adaptor is transparent which I value as you can still see your chosen battery wrap. I often tend to go with clear wraps for an extra mechanical appearance.
The battery door hangs without a battery however tightens up ideal when fitted. It has been firm enough that it hasn’t stood out open in my pocket or bag.

The LEDs just brighten while vaping as well as are pretty brilliant. Though there’s 6 LEDs, they are placed in a way where you only see the impact of three yet brighter. I appreciated vaping with the LEDs, particularly outdoors in the evening, clouds and lights work out with each other. I more than happy to entertain my little mind on my own in my garden, however I would likely transform the LEDs off in public. At least you have both options.
Battery life is pretty good thinking about the bright display and LEDs, it conveniently lasted me half day and afterwards some using it at 55 watts. Billing can be done by means of the USB-C port as well as uses 2 Amp fast billing, but I always charge my batteries outside the mod in a specialized battery charger.
Efficiency wise, I only used it in the VW setting and also it fired extremely quick and I discovered no lag. There’s extremely little to state right here other than that it does what it’s meant to, there was merely absolutely nothing that irritated me as well as it was a joy to utilize.
Next to the 228W dual cell variation, you can discover the various form of the front and fire button. As a result of it taking a 21700 battery, naturally, it had to be that bit taller. It’s just about 5mm and also there’s a little more area between the board that makes the LEDs appear brighter.

I genuinely love this mod just as much as I finished with the Jellybox 228W. Certain it’s a little restricted with features, but in the real world I will only be utilizing VW (variable power level) as well as I rarely endeavor over 70 watts so the Jellybox Mini 80 is more than capable of performing to my requirements and different enough that I more than happy to own and use both variations.
I’m not a follower of the name, but Rincoe has actually been refined as well as have not smudged the name all over it, actually it’s just engraved on the base and is really small. When you have a battery as well as a container fitted, this mod feels and looks expensive, however, if you look into the rates after that it’s a take. Don’t allow the LEDs to put you off as you can simply transform them off if it transforms you off.

You can of course decide to pop your own tank or rebuildable on there too. Being able to utilize the Rincoe Manto Max RBA head is an incentive.