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Vaporizers With the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod

A new product from VandyVape which is designed to increase the functioning of a digital electronic device is the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod. This is a digital electronic product that is very similar to the popular VandyVape Vapor Juice Pod Mod. It is a vapor producing device that is said to be a superior vaporizer because of its ability to produce a better taste while increasing the efficiency at which it heats the liquid. Some have compared the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod and the Vapor Cube to the latter’s smaller brother the vapor cube. Both of these products are known to produce excellent results when it comes to increasing a user’s vapor production.

aegis boost pod mod


Like its smaller brother the AEGIS Boost Pod, the Jackaroo also features an internal battery but this time it is rechargeable. The company says that the internal battery will only last for six hours but this will not be a problem for long term use because the device will remain turned on during extended use. The internal AEGIS Boost Pod Mod also features a variable voltage output that will regulate the power needed by the unit. This variable voltage ensures that each individual unit can be provided with a different amount of power.


Unlike the Vapor Cube and AEGIS Boost Pod Mod, the vandy vapes aegis boost does not feature a digital screen. Instead, it has a dial that can be used to switch between various vaporizing modes. The user can set a mode that will best suit his or her needs. This means that the user must know what he or she wants the vandy vaporizer to do for them.


When it comes to the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod, many users will tell you that the device is a great deal because of its ability to provide a steady stream of wattage. However, they also tell you that it can get a bit complicated when trying to figure out how much power is really being produced. Many a times, the unit will tell the owner that he or she is using up too much battery life. This can be a big problem because the owner will have no idea whether the battery is really going to last for a long enough period of time. The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod solves this problem by allowing the user to increase or decrease the wattage as he or she wishes without having to constantly re-adjust the voltage.


While many vaporizers in the market today feature digital displays, the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod goes the extra mile. The vaped product has a digital display that shows the current output power as well as the remaining lifespan of the batter. This makes it a lot easier for a newbie to use the unit. If the battery is beginning to show signs of dying out, the user can simply turn down the output power until the gauge returns to a balanced reading. The geekvape aegis series also has a temperature detector that allows the user to set a specific temp limit that allows the unit to only run at that temp, thus extending the battery’s life even more.


The internal structure of the aegis boost pod mod is what sets it apart from most other similar products on the market. The build quality of the device is impressive in its own right. Users have reported that they are able to easily take the device out of the box and have it functioning in a matter of moments. The silicone build quality that the company uses for their products allows them to provide a very sturdy device with excellent resistance to wear and tear.


Another unique aspect of the aegis boost pod mod is the fact that the silicone it utilizes has a very firm feel to it. This provides a comfortable grip for a vaper and allows for a good amount of control over the airflow on the unit. When a person has a hard time getting a pen to cool down on their finger, this is a god send. Papers should have no problem using the vaporizers without a lot of struggle. Aesthetically, the silicone provides a sleek and stylish design that compliments any color system that a vaper might have.


One thing that a lot of people have had a problem with is the inability to manually increase the wattage of their heater. With the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod, this becomes a much easier task. With a variable airflow dial, you are able to increase the temperature of your coil either quickly or manually. If you are a constant vaper, this is a great feature to have and will allow you to keep your heater at a constant temperature.


We shall certainly figure out in this vape review

Having examined the Jellybox 228W a number of months earlier, I am more than happy to have a look at its little sibling, the Jellybox 80W Mini. I loved the 228W which was not just excellent value but a decent double battery mod for that need the greater electrical power that it supplies. The 80W satisfies a lot of my demands. Generally in my RTAs, I vape around 55-60 watts, so with a 21700 battery, I expected the Jellybox Mini to match me nicely. So will the smaller see-thru variation impress me as much?

Speaking of which, a bit like the dimension of the Rincoe JellyBox Mini, this vape evaluation will be shrunk down a little too …
That’s not a case of ‘I can’t be troubled’– even more the only difference is the size. Exact same container– exact same coils– very same menu choices etc etc
. Rincoe has a good track record as a vape business with a couple of that that has actually definitely caused a buzz worldwide of vaping.
The Rincoe Mechman X Mesh and also Nano RDA kit occur as does the flavourful Neso X shuck package.

What Can We Get Out Of the Rincoe JellyBox Mini Vape Package?
The same high-quality development, flavor as well as clouds as from the Rincoe Jellybox 220w kit is the short answer!
Except smaller sized in size … sort of lol.
It’s the same on the top– the Rincoe JellyTank, and also the same coils as its bigger sibling– the Rincoe JellyBox 220w kit …

The chip and food selection are the same and also without being too obvious lol– this one just hits 80w– the consisted of coils don’t go that high, nonetheless the RBA head from the Rincoe Manto max does.
The LED lights remain as well as such as the food selection you can change the colors must you so desire.
One vital thing is the Rincoe JellyBox Mini is a single battery device that can take either a 18650, 21700, or 20700 battery– constantly excellent to see.
So, when all’s stated and also done, it’s a case of ‘does size matter?’ and how much power do you desire?
OK, the Rincoe JellyBox Mini vape kit was sent straight from Rincoe– thanks — and also as always my ideas and point of view are not guided by giveaways.

Rincoe Jellybox Mini 80W Set features transparent PC covers and zinc alloy frame which make it emphasizing for an aesthetically magnificent aesthetic. It looks actually durable seeing the internals as well as battery wraps. Last but not least, It has 6 LED lights match with screen UI color, to shine through right into the complete transparent tools! And Also Rincoe Jellybox 228W Box Kit includes a Jellybox 228W Mod and also a Jellytank Atomizer. as well as made from Zinc alloy & premium COMPUTER. Jellytank Atomizer can hold a capability of 4.8 ml and comes with a meshed 0.3 Ω coil inside. Deal 6 LED lights and also radiate, if you do not utilize they will have the ability to shut.

The Rincoe JellyBox Mini comes with a 0.96-inch color screen, so all your operations, including electrical power modification as well as temperature level variation, can be conveniently as well as clearly shown on it. Jelly box Mini box mod is power by solitary 21700/20700/18650 battery with max 80W outcome. Jelly box mini can sustain VW/ TC (Ni200/Ti/SS) settings to satisfy various needs. Jellytank keeps 4.8 ml capability with a lower loading style. And Jellytank holds 0.15 ohm/0.3-ohm mesh coils for the thick cloud. The Type-C charging of JellyBox Mini offers a quick 2A cost. The included Jellytank comes with 4.8 ml juice ability and exchangeable fit-together coils. The Jellytank takes on the bottom refill design.

And Rincoe Jellybox mod has a remarkable 228W optimum outcome; a proprietary smart chipset is set up inside; an extensive temperature level control suite, as well as a resistance series of 0.05-5.0 ohm. It can utilize a range of wire components to create an excellent vaping system, It can perfectly match with different atomizers, containers, and RDA. Accessibility to the battery compartment from the bottom, there is a hinged moving cover constructed from steel. The control panel is concentrated on the front end. The activation switch is big. At the top 510 ports, an atomizer with a diameter of no greater than 26mm can accommodate without hanging. Rincoe Jellybox box mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries with max 228W outcome. Jelly box mod can support VW/ TC (Ni200/Ti/SS) modes to fulfill various needs.

I was pleased to see that the Jellybox 80W had the 3 battery alternatives, 18650, 20700 or 21700. My choice would always be the 21700 for more power and also longer battery life, this will quickly handle my 60 watt tanks, yet having the alternative to utilize other batteries is always welcome.
The included 18650 adaptor is transparent which I value as you can still see your chosen battery wrap. I often tend to go with clear wraps for an extra mechanical appearance.
The battery door hangs without a battery however tightens up ideal when fitted. It has been firm enough that it hasn’t stood out open in my pocket or bag.

The LEDs just brighten while vaping as well as are pretty brilliant. Though there’s 6 LEDs, they are placed in a way where you only see the impact of three yet brighter. I appreciated vaping with the LEDs, particularly outdoors in the evening, clouds and lights work out with each other. I more than happy to entertain my little mind on my own in my garden, however I would likely transform the LEDs off in public. At least you have both options.
Battery life is pretty good thinking about the bright display and LEDs, it conveniently lasted me half day and afterwards some using it at 55 watts. Billing can be done by means of the USB-C port as well as uses 2 Amp fast billing, but I always charge my batteries outside the mod in a specialized battery charger.
Efficiency wise, I only used it in the VW setting and also it fired extremely quick and I discovered no lag. There’s extremely little to state right here other than that it does what it’s meant to, there was merely absolutely nothing that irritated me as well as it was a joy to utilize.
Next to the 228W dual cell variation, you can discover the various form of the front and fire button. As a result of it taking a 21700 battery, naturally, it had to be that bit taller. It’s just about 5mm and also there’s a little more area between the board that makes the LEDs appear brighter.

I genuinely love this mod just as much as I finished with the Jellybox 228W. Certain it’s a little restricted with features, but in the real world I will only be utilizing VW (variable power level) as well as I rarely endeavor over 70 watts so the Jellybox Mini 80 is more than capable of performing to my requirements and different enough that I more than happy to own and use both variations.
I’m not a follower of the name, but Rincoe has actually been refined as well as have not smudged the name all over it, actually it’s just engraved on the base and is really small. When you have a battery as well as a container fitted, this mod feels and looks expensive, however, if you look into the rates after that it’s a take. Don’t allow the LEDs to put you off as you can simply transform them off if it transforms you off.

You can of course decide to pop your own tank or rebuildable on there too. Being able to utilize the Rincoe Manto Max RBA head is an incentive.