ijoy vape

Ijoy Juice – Unique Colorway and Advanced User Interface

The ijoy vaporizer is an electronic vaporizer that has become extremely popular in the United States. While it may be small, there is more than enough power to blow your mind away with its awesome flavor combinations. It can produce various flavors like mint, carrot, grape, and much more!

ijoy vape


When you get an ijoy vaporizer, you are getting two pieces of innovation and quality. One is the ijoy shogun, a powerful mod that will deliver flavorful vapor every time. With a three minute heat-up time, it is super easy to get ready for your day or evening of work, and then you can chill out with your favorite juice blend while you relax. You can even set the temperature and vary your flavor options from very subtle to extremely spicy.


The second thing you can do with the ijoy Shanka is pod mode, which is perfect for when you want to make a super concentrated blend without fussing over a lot of vaporizing time. With the ijoy 180w TC box mod, you can make up to three flavors at once by simply putting in a pod. Just a press of a button, and you have a perfectly prepared delicious e juice. The ijoy Shanka also includes an ijoy refill kit, so you always have an opportunity to try new flavors and see if you like them before you put them in your vaporizer. All of this, for a price of less than $100!


The third unique aspect about the ijoy Vaporizers and ijoy 180w box mod is that you can personalize them by changing out any or all of the three photos that are included in the package. Each photo is of a real person, and depicts their normal facial expression, hand gestures, and body language. The packaging also includes a short description about the photographer (which is also printed on the photo itself), and a background graphic of what the photographs look like. ijoy has an official Facebook page where you can upload photos of yourself while using their products, and there are even ijoy promo kits available that include personalizing photos for free! The nature of manufacturing, design, and unique resin elements, each photo is for reference only.


At first blush, the ijoy vape and ijoy 180w box mod might seem very similar. Both of them use high-quality silicone, which is an extremely durable material that won’t deform or break when frequently used. The outer shell of the product is made out of a flexible but sturdy material, and has holes in all the right places to allow for the wires to pass through and not get stuck. The two high-quality silicone bands that make up the entire unit are covered in a very soft plush material. On the outside of the unit, you’ll see the standard ijoy Vape logo and a clear window displaying the information you need. The inside of the box is much like the outside, and features two separate chambers that house the dual high-amps and two standard AAs.


The physical similarities between the ijoy vape and ijoy 180w box mod might be enough to attract consumers, but it’s the unique colorway and advanced user interface that make these two products so popular with the vapers’ community. Despite their similar exterior appearance, the ijoy vaping offers a much more advanced technology that incorporates the best of three technologies – a lithium ion battery, and a powerful quartz crystal rechargeable batter. The rechargeable batter is what gives it the ability to offer advanced battery life, long lasting vapor production, and intuitive firing button clicks. By incorporating the premium ijoy Vapor DNA in the body of the product, ijoy Juice offers users the ability to combine their e-juice in one convenient container.


In addition to its powerful quartz crystal rechargeable batter, the ijoy Vapor DNA also features ijoy Juice Space, which is comprised of a responsive rubbery material that offers an extremely comfortable fit for most lips. At the bottom of the unit, you’ll discover a unique double side button and a stainless steel black back plate. Beneath the button, you’ll discover a unique rechargeable o-ring, and beneath the black back plate you’ll discover ijoy Vape Port, which allows you to easily connect your portable device to your computer with the use of a USB cable. Although the majority of models feature a standard electrical port, the ijoy Vape Port allows you to use your electronic device – including your laptop – via a Bluetooth device.


A unique colorway and advanced user interface give the ijoy 180w a distinct advantage over other similar products on the market today. The ijoy Juice has a sleek design that not only provides a stunning look, but also incorporates ergonomic elements that make the device easy to hold and use for extended periods of time. The ijoy 180W comes standard with four standard ijoy Vapor DNA atomizer heads, but can also be customized with one of a selection of five additional heads (preferably ones that are different in performance and power) that have been engineered especially for the ijoy Juice by utilizing stainless steel spring loaded pins and heat sensitive nickel contacts. All of the heads are compatible with the ijoy exclusive ijoy atomizer resistance range, and all include an astounding two hundred and twenty seven temperature setting range which is extremely comfortable for even the most discriminating user. The ijoy Juice also includes a built in digital LED display which includes real time stats such as wattage and temperature.

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