The GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pod Mod – A Great Mod For All Vaporizers

aegis boost pod mod

The aegis boost Pod Mod is a new electronic device that provides a means of vaporizing your e-juice. The device is a plug and play electronic vaporizer that is easy to operate. It is a unique product in the sense that it combines a pod mechanism with a preloaded e-juice that allows you to get a hit of your favorite flavor without worrying about a messy or lengthy vaporizing time. The aegis boost pod mod also has a built in stainless steel mouthpiece for an extra added touch. With this electronic vaporizer you have a way of enjoying your vapor products with a more electronic, smooth and convenient way.


This vaporizer from Geekvape comes with a unique twist. The aegis boost pod mod comes in a two piece unit that is designed to use with the included rechargeable silicone battery that can be replaced over. The silicone battery can be replaced by any compatible battery, and the entire unit is designed to work on a 6 V or higher power source. The silicone battery allows the aegis boost to maintain a constant stream of vapor until it is manually switched off. The silicone also allows for a firm, stable base for a better e-juice flavor.


The aegis boost comes with a new technology called the “battery check”. The aegis boost pro even allows for a five-minute pre-charged battery check period if desired. This allows the aegis boost to maintain a steady stream of flavorful vapor instead of changing flavors as the battery levels drop. The aegis boost uses a very unique technology called the “battery check” where the internal battery only is charged when the internal battery detects a low level of vapor and does not charge the battery until the internal battery reaches a certain pre-charged state.


The aegis boost pod mod is also compatible with the included microprocessor chip. This allows the aegis boost to automatically detect when the battery is full and then not charge the battery again. This helps the aegis boost run for a longer amount of time, which allows the user to keep using the product without having to constantly charge the product. The microprocessor chip regulates the flow of power through the device and monitors the temperature of the air chamber to ensure proper temperatures are maintained while using the product. The device also allows for a safe mode, in which the computer will switch over to a lower speed settings to prevent overheating the processor and memory chip.


The GeekVape AEGIS series aegis boost does not have a preinstalled microprocessor, but it is instead soldered directly into the motherboard. Because this aegis series device does not have a preinstalled microprocessor the chips from the outside need to be loaded into the system through a USB port. Once the chips are loaded the processor can be monitored and adjusted as needed. The processor on the AEGis Boost Pod mod is adjusted through a series of six levels. This keeps the output power from being overwhelmed.


The aegis vaporizer has a very unique “turbo-twist” control that allows the user to add a powerful punch of vapor through an extremely fast rotation. The aegis boost produces a powerful stream of vapor that is not too thick nor too thin. The vandy juices produced by the aegis boost give a delicious, intense flavor that is not too sweet nor not very complex.


When the aegis boost pod mod is used with the vandy vaper flavors the temperature of the vaporizer is very precise. These vaporizers produce a precise amount of vapor that is rich in flavor. This is highly efficient and effective means of creating a flavorful product that people will enjoy. When the aegis boost is used on the vandy vapes the individual flavors are enhanced and produced in a way that makes it a unique product.


Many people have found these vaporizers to be a great addition to their own collection of vapes. These are a cool item that is incredibly easy to use and maintain. The Geekvape AEGIS boost produces a powerful flavorful product that many people find enjoyable. These are a great item to have in any collection of vaporizers.

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