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The IJoy Vaporizer – Overview

If you’re looking for a top-quality electronic device that’s affordable, you might want to consider the iJoy Vaporizer. The iJoy is one of the most popular vaporizers available. Most vapers appreciate the built-in battery, but what really makes it stand out is the iJoy’s powerful heat-seeking heating mechanism. Squonkers love ijoy vaporizers and so do we–at Breazy, we recommend a vaporizer from this company: the iJoy AEGIS Boost Pod Mod. Here are a few reasons why this mod is a must-have for your arsenal of vaporizers.

ijoy vape


ijoy vapes offer two methods of temperature control, dial and digital. The AEGIS Boost uses a digital temperature knob, which is easy to use, just touch a button five times, which changes the warm temperature for your tank from hot to cold. The ijoy vape Cloud Channel mod offers a dial, which allows you to change the intensity of vapor production, also five times per click. With these two temperature control options, you can’t go wrong. ijoy vaporizer starter kits even include a glass mouthpiece that allows you to enjoy smooth vapor even as you breathe in fresh air.


Another cool feature of the iJoy is its unique three-level temperature control. The iJoy features a stainless steel counterweight, sturdy build quality, a leak-proof cap, an o-ring for airflow, and a two-level temperature dial. Each of these levels can be customized to your liking with the iJoy Pro configurator software, which comes included with your purchase. This software configures the vapor production coils, digital controls, and heater to give you the exact amount of vapor and heat each time you top fill the tank.


The tank features a large feeder hole located on the bottom, large enough to accommodate two standard size pods. iJoy has a unique feeder system called the Juice Pod system, which allows you to conveniently refill your iJoy with fresh or juice. The ijoy’s large feeding hole makes it easy to create a new flavor experience by replacing an old pod. The patented Juice Pod technology allows you to replace a pod without replacing the entire tank. Just add a new pod and start enjoying your flavorful treats.


There are two types of ijoy vaporizers available. The iJoy Eco Kit is perfect for beginning vapers, as it has a very low wattage tank. You get a single pre-filled, pre-cooled, standard sized tank with a built-in digital display. The other type of ijoy is the ijoy Total Experience, which has a larger tank and a large LCD screen. The larger tank has a higher wattage tank and comes with a unique airflow control dial, which allows you to customize your clouds.


The ijoy ecotrete also has a unique tank design that allows you to change out the coils in the event that you would prefer a different flavor. There is a large single or dual coil tank available for this product. The majority of models have an adjustable airflow dial, which allows you to increase or decrease the amount of air flowing through your coils.


The ijoy vaporizer offers two ways to use. You can either use the traditional analog fire button or the new infrared fire button. With the infrared fire button, you can easily change the temperature control settings from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be no matter the time of day! The fire button is small and very convenient, as well as being able to be used as a keychain remote.


If you love your coffee, but would like it to be stronger, the ijoy vaporizer makes it possible. The ijoy Vapors will quench your desire in a unique and powerful way. These devices also make it possible to get your daily dose of coffee, without the mess or trouble of grinding your own beans. There is also a large selection of ijoy starter kits, available for purchase individually or as part of a combo package. You will have to choose a kit that best suits your needs and your taste.

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