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The Pros and Cons of the Relx Phantom Kit and the Rlvi E-Liquid Extender

Relx Phantom Vaporizer is a new release by Relx Company. It was released in the market on 6th April, 2021 and was given the green signal by FDA on the 6th August, 2021. The company claims that the vapor produced is completely natural with no chemicals or toxins. It uses the latest in technology and combines it with the finest wood vinegar. The result is an amazing product.

relx phantom kit


The taste of relx phantom is just right. The taste tasted for me was Strawberry Frozen Yogurt (15 flavors available for selecting). It is smooth, tangy, sweet and delicious, consistent vaporizing experience from the first breath to the last. It is impressive and remarkable among many other pod vapes, just you cannot stop vaporing it for its wonderful taste.


The biggest downside to relx phantom is accidentally overdosing. If you are using a very large sized tank like a 20 oz or more then it is highly possible that you will over overdose and suffer from dizziness or weakness. If you do overdraw once then it will be a lot easier to stop since the withdrawal symptoms are mild. The reason why this is the biggest downside is because people keep buying it without realizing that they have overcharged their batteries and they will be faced with a world of problems such as blackouts and heart attacks.


The second biggest drawback is that it is not portable enough to be taken anywhere. It can only be used at home or in a vehicle. The vapor it produces is very thick and requires a lot of room to be able to breathe properly. You cannot even carry it around if you have to go somewhere. You can however bring the relx phantom wherever you go since it comes in a compact size which makes it very convenient and lightweight.


The third biggest drawback to the relx phantom pod system kit is the price. This product retails at about thirty dollars which is really expensive especially for an electronic product. However, this could be a big sacrifice for a first time user since it may be too costly and difficult to understand for someone who is brand new to e-liquid.


The fourth downside to this product is that it does not provide any warranty. If there was a warranty on it then it would almost be okay since it is very durable and efficient. Unfortunately, it does not have any type of protection when compared to other starter kits in the market.


The last major disadvantage to this product is the cost. It costs so much especially for a first time user who is looking to upgrade his electronic equipment. On the other hand, a relx phantom pod system kit compatible vaporizer is very affordable. It costs only about fifty dollars which is much less than the cost of a good e-liquid system.


In conclusion, the biggest downside to this product is the price. It is more expensive than an ordinary vaporizer which makes it hard to buy. Nonetheless, it provides a good quality and a reliable system. The vapor it produces is also very thick and rich which gives a delicious and wonderful flavor of vapor. There are a lot of advantages when using this but an important disadvantage is that it has no protection against overusing. This may put you at risk if you accidentally overdosing with your e-liquid.


In fact, most users recommend using a relx phantom podcigarette starter kit instead. A pod Vaporizer is basically a compact sized heater that heats up your water and extracts your vapor into an e-liquid medium. It is easier to use than a normal vaporizer because it is less complicated and more convenient to use. It is also cheaper than a typical vaporizer due to its miniature size. Compared to a starter kit that is intended to produce a steady stream of vapor, the Rlvi is a better choice because you can use it anytime. However, this disadvantage also applies to the type-c usb type-b because it only produces a small amount of vapor.


Another disadvantage is the lack of protection from overusing. Although this unit will protect you against overheating and inconsistent vapor production, it does not have any protection against drips. This means that you are susceptible to having your first puff disappear just as quickly. This is why most users prefer to use the Rlvi instead of a relx due to the lack of consistent smoking experience. You will not have to worry about getting your money back in case you did not like the product’s performance.


The pros are too numerous to mention. When used properly, the Rlvi and the other types of vaporizers can produce steady streams of powerful e-liquid. With consistent use, you can expect to start seeing results within a few days. For example, a lot of users say that they are now able to smoke over one hundred cigarettes without experiencing any adverse side effects. There are even some users who say that they are completely tobacco free.

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