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Vaporizers Like No Other

If you’re looking for a quality portable Vaporizer then you should look at the ijoy vaporizers range. The ijoy shogun is one of the best ijoy vaporizers on the market. This mod is the ultimate in all things vapour friendly. It’s a revolutionary product which combines style and ease of use in a vaporizer. The ijoy shogun vaporizer retails for about $150 and is truly one of the best Vaporizers on the market.

ijoy vape


The ijoy shogun is a uni-ball mod. It consists of two compact sized spheres that sit atop an outer shell. The inner tank of the ijoy shogun holds a bottle style modulube that will give you an amazing vapour experience.


One of the best selling points of the ijoy 180w Mod is that it features a patented dual pulse technology. This is where the inner tank and outer shell are made of a special magnet material which allows the inner liquid to be evenly dispersed through the inner tank. This is because they allow for an increased amount of vapor to be produced per hit. They also give you increased atomizer resistance range and a very smooth delivery system.


The ijoy vaporizer features a patented dual eighteen650 lithium ion rechargeable battery and a high purity enclosed ceramic cartridge. The outer tank is constructed of high quality borosilicate glass. The inner tank is made out of high purity silica gel. The resins used are tested and certified for their pureness and potency, and therefore guarantees consistent and reliable service.


The ijoy vaporizer is powered by two high-amps rechargeable batteries – not one and not two. The shogun univ 180w box mod features a unique two-step power technology. The first step is to lock the voltage to an extremely low wattage output. This ensures that you enjoy very consistent power until your coil gets hot and woks, which typically takes around 2 hours. Following this, the second step of the power scheme is to increase the voltage to your desired wattage output, again, normally taking around 2 hours to do so.


The ijoy Vape offers two temperature modes, low and medium. The low setting offers a delicious cold blast of flavour from your herb and spice blends. The medium temperature offers a smooth and rich flavor that will keep you satisfied for as long as you like. The Pod mode allows you to use a pre-determined temperature and also allows you to manually control your ijoy vaporizer’s power.


The ijoy Vaporizer is equipped with a unique electronic control screen that allows you to easily change the heat settings, flavour combinations and even activate or deactivate the heating element. It features two high-quality ceramic heat-switches, two high-quality ceramic touch pads, a durable stainless steel carrying case and a backlit keypad. In addition, the ijoy Vape features a unique four-year limited warranty, built-in safety lock, safety cutout, and a high-tech user interface.


The shogun univ chipset is made from a durable rubber material. The chipset is designed to be user friendly for even beginners, with simple button controls. It features two high-quality ceramic heat-switches and dual high-amp 18650 batteries which provide ijoy Vaporizers with a full and powerful wattage output range. The ijoy Volcano delivers extreme heat-soaked herbal vapours in a unique resin medium, transforming ordinary herbs into a luxurious experience. The Volcano also incorporates two USB ports for charging and one outlet for an iPod connection, so you can enjoy your vaporizer both while relaxing at home and out on the road. The ijoy Volcano is designed for an extended multimedia experience, using your imagination to create new combinations.

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